Benjamin Graham (1894-1976) was a British-born American investor, economist and professor.

He is generally known for being the author of two of the most famous and important financial books ever written, “Security Analysis“, published in 1936 with the help of his colleague David Dodd, and “The Intelligent Investor“, printed the first time in 1949.

Moreover, Graham is remembered because of the investment philosophy he has created, value investing, which is the main topic of his two main works previously quoted.

Along with value investing, Graham also introduced other important concepts, like, for example, that of margin of safety and intrinsic value of a share, and developed in a logical and scholastic way the most important tool still used today in stock investing, fundamental analysis.

During his teaching at Columbia Business School he met Warren Buffett, who became his best student and disciple, as well as the most famous and successful value investor in the history of investing.

Finally, Graham himself has been a capable investor, having been able to achieve an average annual return of 17% during the thirty years he spent as portfolio manager with is investment company, Graham-Newman Corporation.



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