A simple and clear comparison between the German and USA economy, by The Infographics Show:

Plus, we can look at the differences between the two international trade systems: German is a neomercantilist country, which means it overstretches the importance of domestic income and employment at the expenses of free exchanges, emphasizing trade restrictions and commercial policies. In the data of WTO of 2015, the ratio of exports of the two states on the total exports at world level were respectively 9% for the USA and 8% for Germany, whereas the import ratio percentage is 14% for the first and 6,3 for the latter. With a simplification, USA are buying more than they earn while Germany is accumulating. This is another difference between the two economic forces.

How will the situation evolve?


  • lecture notes of prof. Jean Claude, Commerce International course, UPEC
  • WTO, 2015
  • Neomercanilism

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