Analysis of the views of EconoUniverse

As economists, we are taught some basic knowledge of statistics. As project, we have chosen to analyse the correlation between the views of a Facebook post and the actual views of the corresponding article. We have supposed that they are very closely dependent, because in theory the more people see the Facebook posts, the more people … Continue reading Analysis of the views of EconoUniverse


How ads can change the online market

It has been called Adpocalipse 2.0, referring to the previous case: big companies are leaving YouTube , not paying anymore for sponsoring their products on the website. The last time this was due to some doubts (then revealed ill funded) that the advertising was giving profits to Isis supporters. Now , it has been discovered that … Continue reading How ads can change the online market

Paradise Papers:

Recently, the public debate has focused on tax paradise: what are they? It's hard to pin down an exact definition. Tax haven is the term usually used in the media and public, whereas the industry would prefer the term offshore financial centre (OFC). It is essentially a financial jurisdiction outside the regulations of your own … Continue reading Paradise Papers:

Moral Hazard: a simple explanation

Kenneth Arrow in 1963 published an article about the uncertainty in economics, focusing in its consequences on the medical insurance. This article introduced for the first time in history the concept of moral hazard. A practical explanation of what moral hazard means can be found in the movie "Wall Street: money never sleep", directed by … Continue reading Moral Hazard: a simple explanation

How economics saves you from traffic

The C40 is a gathering of 91 metropolis from all over the world, at the moment directed by Anne Hidalgo. The mayor of C40 have reached, the 23rd of October, an agreement: to transform their cities in greener, healthier and clean energy based territories. In Paris for the annual summit Together4Climate, the mayor of Paris, … Continue reading How economics saves you from traffic

Why we need feminism in economy

After the Weinstein case, it has been brought to the public attention the condition of women in the show business. What about women position in the economic environment? Alice H. Wu is a new graduate at the University of California and will start her doctoral studies at Harvard next year. In her award-winning senior thesis, she … Continue reading Why we need feminism in economy

The cost and the benefit of a rocket

We can all agree that, although the market is a very efficient tool to allocate resources, there are some cases, such as education and wealth, where the government intervention is, if not essential, certainly highly required. But how can the government understand what people want and what people need? How it should invest, and how … Continue reading The cost and the benefit of a rocket