Feminist legal theory: can the law fix inequalities?

Should law be used as a tool to fix social inequalities? In order to try to figure out if the measures that have been historically advanced and sustained by activists of discriminated and minority social groups are right and/or actually effective and needed, we'll be taking into consideration the feminist movement, which aim towards all … Continue reading Feminist legal theory: can the law fix inequalities?


Inequality by gender: is the income gap “a thing”?

The gender income gap has always been an important argument coming up often in political debates, policy reports, and everyday news. In the last few years something started to change and important positions have been taken on the subject but, do you think that something is really changing? In order to study the income gap … Continue reading Inequality by gender: is the income gap “a thing”?

Laos: the power of a cookstove

Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) is one of the countries in the world with the strongest rate of growth: 6,9 in 2017, classifying 11th at world level (the world factbook, CIA). The strong growth of the past years is due to the boom of natural resources economy, especially hydro-power energy, which the country exports to its … Continue reading Laos: the power of a cookstove

Germany and US economy face to face

A simple and clear comparison between the German and USA economy, by The Infographics Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCHwcKib5J8 Plus, we can look at the differences between the two international trade systems: German is a neomercantilist country, which means it overstretches the importance of domestic income and employment at the expenses of free exchanges, emphasizing trade restrictions and … Continue reading Germany and US economy face to face

Uber case opens new scenarios

On december 20th 2017 the European Court of Justice has delivered a judgement over the legal status of Uber, ruling that the company’s service that connects non-professional drivers with individuals is to be considered at all effects a transportation service and therefore be regulated as such, rejecting therefore Uber’s claim to be simply a computers … Continue reading Uber case opens new scenarios

The Praise of Cunning

In 1509 the Dutch Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote his most famous essay, The Praise of Folly, in which Folly, speaking in first person, praises herself, claiming to be a creation of God. Despite its 500 years, Erasmus' masterpiece is still today suitable for a more recent adaptation: The Praise of Cunning. In Italy, a country where … Continue reading The Praise of Cunning