Germany and US economy face to face

A simple and clear comparison between the German and USA economy, by The Infographics Show: Plus, we can look at the differences between the two international trade systems: German is a neomercantilist country, which means it overstretches the importance of domestic income and employment at the expenses of free exchanges, emphasizing trade restrictions and … Continue reading Germany and US economy face to face


Uber case opens new scenarios

On december 20th 2017 the European Court of Justice has delivered a judgement over the legal status of Uber, ruling that the company’s service that connects non-professional drivers with individuals is to be considered at all effects a transportation service and therefore be regulated as such, rejecting therefore Uber’s claim to be simply a computers … Continue reading Uber case opens new scenarios

The Praise of Cunning

In 1509 the Dutch Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote his most famous essay, The Praise of Folly, in which Folly, speaking in first person, praises herself, claiming to be a creation of God. Despite its 500 years, Erasmus' masterpiece is still today suitable for a more recent adaptation: The Praise of Cunning. In Italy, a country where … Continue reading The Praise of Cunning

How Mario Monti saved Italy

On November 12th 2011 Silvio Berlusconi, then president of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister) of the Italian Republic, presented himself to the Quirinal Palace and resigned from his position in front of then President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. In the previous months, in fact, Berlusconi had showed on multiple times his inadequacy as Head … Continue reading How Mario Monti saved Italy

Paradise Papers:

Recently, the public debate has focused on tax paradise: what are they? It's hard to pin down an exact definition. Tax haven is the term usually used in the media and public, whereas the industry would prefer the term offshore financial centre (OFC). It is essentially a financial jurisdiction outside the regulations of your own … Continue reading Paradise Papers:

How economics saves you from traffic

The C40 is a gathering of 91 metropolis from all over the world, at the moment directed by Anne Hidalgo. The mayor of C40 have reached, the 23rd of October, an agreement: to transform their cities in greener, healthier and clean energy based territories. In Paris for the annual summit Together4Climate, the mayor of Paris, … Continue reading How economics saves you from traffic