Margin Call

"There are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat." Margin Call is a 2011 American independent movie, which takes place over a 24-hour period at a large Wall Street investment bank during the early stages of the financial crisis of 2007/2008. The film focuses in particular on … Continue reading Margin Call


How Mario Monti saved Italy

On November 12th 2011 Silvio Berlusconi, then president of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister) of the Italian Republic, presented himself to the Quirinal Palace and resigned from his position in front of then President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. In the previous months, in fact, Berlusconi had showed on multiple times his inadequacy as Head … Continue reading How Mario Monti saved Italy

The rise and fall of Long-Term Capital Management

Long-Term Capital Management, also known as LTCM, was a large hedge fund, started in 1994 by John Meriwether, former vice chairman and head of bond trading at investment bank Salomon Brothers, with the intent of providing investors with absolute returns using trading strategies combined with high financial leverage. Alongside Meriwether, the fund was led by … Continue reading The rise and fall of Long-Term Capital Management

Are banks necessary?

On September 15th, 2008 the Great Recession, officialy started in December 2007, materialized in the financial world with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., one of the oldest and largest investment banks in Wall Street. The fate of the famous financial firm has shown to all the world the fragility and the weakness of the current economic system, centered … Continue reading Are banks necessary?