Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham (1894-1976) was a British-born American investor, economist and professor. He is generally known for being the author of two of the most famous and important financial books ever written, "Security Analysis", published in 1936 with the help of his colleague David Dodd, and "The Intelligent Investor", printed the first time in 1949. Moreover, … Continue reading Benjamin Graham


What is the intrinsic value of a share?

The intrinsic value of a share is the actual and correct value of a stock, based on the fundamentals of its issuing company. Besides the fundamentals of the firm, which are the numerical values written in its financial statements, the intrinsic value includes in its calculation also other aspects of the business, both tangible (for example, … Continue reading What is the intrinsic value of a share?

What is a financial bubble?

A financial bubble is an economic period in which the prices of particular types of assets increase in an exaggerated way, strongly exceeding their intrinsic value, only to contract later, when the bubble burst. It is usually originated by an exuberant bullish market and it ends when no more investors or speculators are willing to … Continue reading What is a financial bubble?

Ben Graham & Value Investing

It was 1934 when "Security Analysis" was published for the first time, introducing to the world the concept of value investing, then treated again in the essay "The Intelligent Investor" in 1949. The authors were Benjamin Graham, a professor at Columbia Business School, and his colleague David Dodd. What is value investing? Keeping it simple, … Continue reading Ben Graham & Value Investing