The Catalan’s independence: who’s wrong and who’s right?

On October 1st the autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia held a referendum on independence, despite fierce opposition from the central government, which said that the vote violated the Constitution. Hundreds of people were injured in clashes with the police during one of the gravest tests of Spain’s democracy since the end of the Francisco Franco's dictatorship … Continue reading The Catalan’s independence: who’s wrong and who’s right?


The cost and the benefit of a rocket

We can all agree that, although the market is a very efficient tool to allocate resources, there are some cases, such as education and wealth, where the government intervention is, if not essential, certainly highly required. But how can the government understand what people want and what people need? How it should invest, and how … Continue reading The cost and the benefit of a rocket

What is a Lender of Last Resort?

A Lender of Last Resort (LLR) is an institution, usually a country's Central Bank (like the Federal Reserve in the United States), that offers loans to banks or other organizations that are having financial difficulties or that are near a collapse or a bankruptcy. Generally, LLRs borrow money to those companies or financial institutions whose … Continue reading What is a Lender of Last Resort?

Donald Trump: “you understand the expression prime the pump?”

Donald Trump conducted an interview on May 4 with the Economist. Here follows the accurate transcription: [talking about his tax plan] But beyond that it’s OK if the tax plan increases the deficit? It is OK, because it won’t increase it for long. You may have two years where you’ll…you understand the expression “prime the … Continue reading Donald Trump: “you understand the expression prime the pump?”

John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was a famous British economist, mainly known for his book "The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money", published in 1936, and for being the father of Keynesian Economics. In particular, Keynes was a strong advocate of full employment and government intervention in order to stop economic recessions: in his opinion, absolutely … Continue reading John Maynard Keynes

What is a financial bubble?

A financial bubble is an economic period in which the prices of particular types of assets increase in an exaggerated way, strongly exceeding their intrinsic value, only to contract later, when the bubble burst. It is usually originated by an exuberant bullish market and it ends when no more investors or speculators are willing to … Continue reading What is a financial bubble?

Are banks necessary?

On September 15th, 2008 the Great Recession, officialy started in December 2007, materialized in the financial world with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., one of the oldest and largest investment banks in Wall Street. The fate of the famous financial firm has shown to all the world the fragility and the weakness of the current economic system, centered … Continue reading Are banks necessary?