The bubble of the decade? Cryptocurrencies

In the last twelve months Bitcoin has surged as one of the most known instruments on financial markets worldwide, raising in value from $700 on the dollar in November 2016 to more than $10,000 exactly one year later. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, that is, a digital or virtual currency, wholly without a physical presence. A … Continue reading The bubble of the decade? Cryptocurrencies


Tesla, Inc.: another bubble?

Tesla, Inc. is a worldwide famous automaker company, specialized in electric cars, founded by Elon Musk back in 2003. In the last months Tesla's stock price and - as a consequence - market capitalization have increased continuously, with the latter even surpassing that of Ford Motor Company and chasing that of General Motors Company, the two … Continue reading Tesla, Inc.: another bubble?

What is the NASDAQ?

The NASDAQ is a global electronic financial market where securities are bought and sold. However, more often the term is associated with the NASDAQ Composite, a benchmark index which gathers more than 3000 stocks listed on the Exchange, including some of the world most famous technology and biotech firms, like Apple, Google or Amazon. This … Continue reading What is the NASDAQ?